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MSY's new system designs will bring you a whole new experience. If you are looking for a PC that will suit your high-intensity learning and work, why not start with our new line of designer specific creations.

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Explore Your Creativity

Expand your imagination with MSY's state-of-the-art multimedia PC range. Sky is the limit, don't let hardware limitation hold you back.

Live Streamer

Gaming and Live Streaming with ease.

Graphic Designer

Substantial processor power plus ample memory and storage space for your perfect drafting use.


Full support for rendering work.

Data Scientist

Sufficient ability to process large amounts of data.

System Range

Streamer and Graphic Designer Series.


Architect and 3D Drafting Series.


Deep Learning and Data science Series.


Looking for Customize?

Wanting to upgrade your existing PC, or already have all the spec in your mind? We can help you. Feel free to send email to, our technicians will provide the advice that works best for you.